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Tourney II Package Set

Tourney II Package Set

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Junior sets complete the MacGregor package set product line-up. These have been designed in age appropriate categories to ensure the right clubs for size and strength. The junior package sets start from ages 3-5 years and go up to 9 – 12 years in both boys and girls.
Sets include:

    • Boys 3-5 years: A stand bag featuring a forgiving, oversized driver, #9 iron with lightweight junior flex shaft and designed with low COG, alignment mallet style putter and a durable luxury MacGregor branded nylon bag with 1 matching headcover
    • Boys and girls 6-8 years: stand bag features as above with an additional #7 iron
    • Boys and girls 9-1 2 years: stand bag features as the 3-5 years set with an additional low profile hybrid, designed with a low COG for maximum performance, #7 and SW irons plus additional matching headcover
    • 9-12 year boys available in Left hand

MACSET042 3 – 5 Years Boys
MACSET043 6 – 8 Years Boys or Girls
MACSET044 9 – 12 Years Boys or Girls Right Hand
MACSET047 9 – 12 Years only Boys Left hand

GBP PRICE – £174.00 – £244.00
EUR PRICE – 200.00€ – 280.00€