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MACTEC Adjustable Hybrid

MACTEC Adjustable Hybrid
  • MACHYB108


  • Stainless steel hybrid with adjustability between 19* and 22* with a standard setting of 20.5*
  • Confidence inspiring profile at address and a shallow face design for improved launch from a variety of lies
  • High MOI design for increased stability and greater forgiveness on miss-hits
  • Engineered sole for increased ball speeds and distance
  • Premium components including custom-matched lightweight graphite shaft and soft compound MacGregor grip
  • Head cover and adjustable key included

The MACTEC adjustable hybrid effectively replaces those difficult to hit long irons. Featuring a confidence-inspiring profile at address, the shallow face with a high-MOI design helps launch the ball into the air from any lie on the course. The engineered sole helps increase ball speeds for added distance while improving turf interaction for shots played from the deck. Adjustability between 19* and 22* allows for great versatility and flexibility.

GBP Price – £147.00
EUR Price – 169.00€


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